Scientific Programme Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance


Joergen Schlundt

Schlundt Consult

Till Bachmann

University of Edinburgh, UK


Britta Lassmann

International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID)

Jaap Wagenaar

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Peter Collignon

National University of Australia

Mark Woolhouse

University of Edinburgh, UK

Tamika Sims

International Food Information Council

Laura H. Kahn

Princeton University, USA

David Heymann

Chatham House, UK

Barbara E. Murray

University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston, USA

Marc Mendelson

University of Cape Town, South Africa

Shahida Syed

Global AMR Innovation Fund

Kitty Healey

Veterinary Medicines Directorate, UK

Toby Leslie

The Fleming Fund

Scott McEwen

Guelph University, Canada

Herman Goossens

University of Antwerp, Belgium

David Graham

University of Newcastle, UK

Clare Chandler

AMR centre London School, UK

Nancy De Briyne

Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

Roberto La Ragione

School of Veterinary medicine, Surrey, UK

Kamini Walia

Indian Council of medical research, India